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Vocaloid News Round-Up

Image source: おむ@混雑中

Image source: おむ@混雑中

This article will be a news roundup of small information and some tidbits that have happened recently in the Vocaloid world. Please read on for all the information of the past while.

Korean Vocaloid Silhouette Revealed & More Info
Image source: rakusyumi

Image source: rakusyumi

A silhouette of SBS Artech’s Korean Vocaloid for VOCALOID3 has been revealed on the official website. The official Korean Vocaloid café, “Daum Café, Republic of Vocaloid,” opened on Daum, the second most popular Korean portal site, on August 12th. According to Hatsune MikuMiku you have to register to be part of that community, and currently only Korean people can register. The SBS Artech community site will be opened in mid-September. The full character is planned to be revealed on August 30th. The release of the second demo song has been postponed due to the postponement of the VOCALOID3 engine itself. We will report more information as it becomes available.

“Hatsune Miku Project DIVA 2nd” Budget Version
"Hatsune Miku Project DIVA 2nd" Budget Version

"Hatsune Miku Project DIVA 2nd" Budget Version

On December 15th, “Hatsune Miku Project DIVA 2nd” budget version will be released. This version is cheaper than the original version, and will also include all the new modules that will be in “Project DIVA extend;” that adds up to more than 150 modules to which SEGA states the game is “more fun, and a better gaming experience”. There will be three versions of this released:
Regular version (UMD): 3,300 yen (AmiAmi).
Download version: 3,000 yen (Japanese PSN store).
Arcade debut pack (comes with earphones with an original design, a smart card, a card holder, and a micro-fibre towel): 6,300 yen (AmiAmi).

Miku Featured in Billboard Top 40 Best Bets


Miku was featured in a Billboard magazine (Volume 124, No. 3) in the list of Top 40 Best Bets for 2011, as number thirty-five. Images of the magazine can be seen on Miku’s official Facebook page.

Vocaloid Store to Sell Vocaloids Internationally
Vocaloid Store

Vocaloid Store

In response to a tweeted question, the Vocaloid Store has stated that they plan to start selling Vocaloids internationally “soon.” No more information is currently available.

PowerFX Gives VOCALOID3 Price Estimate and Release Date


According to the Engloids blog, in an e-mail response to a question from the blog, the CEO of PowerFX, Bil Bryant, stated that, while they are not sure of the final price, they believe VOCALOID3 will cost around $129 and that its release date may be around October 1st. Please note that this information is all tentative and has not been officially announced.

Nekomura Iroha PVC Open for Pre-order
Nekomura Iroha PVC by Griffon Enterprises

Nekomura Iroha PVC by Griffon Enterprises

This PVC of Iroha by Griffon Enterprises is now open for pre-orders. She retails at 7,400 yen and is slated for a November release of this year. You can preorder her at AmiAmi (5,950 yen), Hobby Link Japan (7,030 yen), Hobby Search (6,290 yen), and Otacute ($80.90), as well as other stores.

Miku Fei-Yen Action Figure Announced
Miku Fei-Yen action figure by Bandai

Miku Fei-Yen action figure by Bandai

A new action figure of Miku has been announced. It is based on the outfit from the “Project Diva extend” game, which is based on character TF-14A Fei-Yen from the video game series “Dennou Senki Virtual-On.” The figure will be released by Bandai. Currently there is no pricing or release information available.

Miku Billboard in San Francisco
Hatsune Miku billboard

Hatsune Miku billboard

A post by AnimeEv showed a billboard by Toyota that showcases Miku. This is located near Divasadero street in San Francisco, California. The billboard has also been spotted more than once.

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  • Samuel

    Nice summary Bunny thanks (I can also use this to see how much I’m up to date and I’m glad you did no find something I wasn’t yet aware of ;))

    Also I put the full pages of the Billboard magazine on my DeviantArt gallery for those whose who wants to read the article.

  • Redemption2

    Wow Bunny, you hit the motherlode of Vocanews.

    • Bunnychan

      I guess, maybe? I just knew that there had been a few small things that did not really have enough information for their own articles, so I thought, “uh, why not do a round-up article?” so I dug a little and I did find more that didn’t really get widely published.

  • Ben C.

    GJ ^.^ I’d love to see more posts like these. (And I thought I was already getting most of the news from the billions of blogs I read o.0)

  • delilah

    Excellent. Now I have a billboard I can kneel down and worship to.

  • Kay-Len

    I want to buy the PJD Arcade pack! I can wash my face on Miku every morning. XD I hope the shop launches before October 7th. Then I can get Miku’s voicebank as a birthday present lol. This is such a big year! I can’t wait for everything to release!

  • Bakeneko

    Fun fact : The illustrations for the Korean vocaloid (See-U) and the Miku on the billboard in SF are apparently both made by the same artist (KKUEM).
    Just thought it was funny.

  • ecat5566

    I saw the commercial for the billboard. it was pretty sweet!