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Akikoloid-chan, Lawson’s New Vocaloid



A new Vocaloid has hit the waves, and her name is Akikoloid-chan! Read on for all the information.

Lawson, a convenience store chain in Japan (which originated in Ohio, but no longer operates in the US), has made their mascot, Akiko-chan, into a Vocaloid. Below you can view her original and Vocaloid versions.

Akiko-chan (mascot)

Akiko-chan (mascot)

Akikoloid-chan (Vocaloid)

Akikoloid-chan (Vocaloid)

She was developed by both Lawson and Yamaha. Her official illustration is drawn by Hidari. She will be used to announce messages, and be Lawson’s mascot for their NND channel (a video showing her “development” can be viewed here), but there is no word on if she will be a public product at this time. According to the video, Akiko-chan is a second year student at college, working part-time at Lawson. Her older brother, a science student, secluded himself in the college laboratory for a week, and created an android, Akikoloid-chan, to his little sister’s image. Akikoloid-chan’s voice was sampled from Akiko-chan.

A campaign was started as part of Akikoloid-chan’s launch. It is called the Vocalawson campaign, and is headed by Lawson, VOCALOID, and Itouen (Japanese tea makers). It started on August 13th and will end on the August 26th. For the first part of the campaign, ten producers have submitted original songs using Akikoloid-chan. Below are the video links.

“Similarity for Your Convenience” by Kobayashi Onyx

YouTube Mirror

“Once Again, Follow Tomorrow” by baker

YouTube Mirror

“Turkish March Convenience Store” by Owata-P

YouTube Mirror

“VOCALAWSON desu.” by t.Komine(Utata-P)

YouTube Mirror

“Enjoy Crew!” by Dios(Signal-P)

YouTube Mirror

“Presentation Tea” by Lamaze-P

YouTube Mirror

“Colorful Filter” by 8#Prince(Hachiouji-P)

YouTube Mirror

“LOVE ‘O CLOCK” by DJ Arii

YouTube Mirror

“See You at the Convenience Store” by Ehamiku

YouTube Mirror

“Samsung Recipe” by OSTER project

YouTube Mirror

The second part of the campaign is a contest, where when consumers buy ten or more Itouen drink products (one of these) they can register to enter a lottery for prizes, which are listed here; the grand prize is tickets to a “special VOCALOID3 event.”

Sources: Vocalawson Campaign official site, Yamaha VOCALOID site, Hatsune MikuMiku (entry 1, entry 2).

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  • Emfrbl

    Bit late reporting this aren’t you?

    Now wheres the Mew update on her avatar?

  • Aoki-lapis-chan

    Wew it took a long time for this news to get here

  • Heresy Choco

    I think it was great advertisement when asking famous P’s to use her to gain popularity though her voice doesn’t impress me :<

  • cat-sans-tail

    (funny growing up in Ohio with Lawson’s (“dairy stores”) here there and everywhere, then they slowly disappeared … and now I find they’re all over Japan! Wow.)

  • Nir Lampel

    cool !!!!!


    LOL she looks like miki’s younger sister XDD

    • Nicolai P.

      i know what you mean, i think they made a new miki outfit ^^